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 Yes, these are all selfies... 

Yes, these are all selfies... 

Selfies are here to stay but there are a few things that most people do to make themselves look more flattering which can really diminish credibility when you're trying to use them for professional purposes.

By sticking your phone way up in the air, you are unknowingly creating an unbalanced power dynamic between you (the subject) and your audience (the viewers).

What if you could create a more direct, authentic and engaging selfie?

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There's a creeping notion within the small business and entrepreneurial community the 'personal branding' is about being hopelessly self-indulgent.

Let's fix that.

In business, we are our own media companies now.  Getting your selfies right can really boost your brand. 

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I want to empower you to build your own personal brand (with honesty, integrity, humour, spontaneity and authenticity) using the amazing tool you have in your pocket. 

  1. You don't always need (or want) a professional photographer or image
  2. You should have a vibrant, spontaneous feel to your 'personal brand'
  3. You can look great with a few easy tricks without diminishing your credibility

At the very least, click below to watch my Top Selfie Tip


In this workshop, I teach everyone the tricks I use everyday to make people look super-engaging AND really flattering.  

1. Phone - Getting the most out of the gear including one mind-meltingly useful feature that most people have never seen

2. Location - Getting the most out of your surroundings

3. Lighting/ Exposure - How to find your light, how to avoid bad lighting, and understanding 'flattering light' vs. 'dramatic light'. 

4. Taking the Photo - My process helps you increase your chances of nailing the shot

5. Filtering/ Cropping - Including some app magic that helps you clean away blemishes without over softening your shots

This is a fantastic 1-2 hour, fully interactive workshop that will get everyone up out of their seats, playing with their phones and starting to get the hang of the new skills.

Jason has found this to be great during the dreaded 'after lunch' session to keep the energy up and establish a good tone for the rest of the afternoon. It's ideal for up to about 20 participants - giving everyone plenty of individual attention - but can be run for up to 40.  

Give us a call to find out how you can incorporate Jason's Ultimate Selfie Workshop into your event - 0435 386 029


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