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My team is the real star of my business.  I’ve always struggled to celebrate them and visually put them on a pedestal.  Now I can.
— Tracy Angwin - CEO Australian Payroll Assoc.

The Ultimate Flexibility

As your team changes... so does your image.

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Let's face it... The usual group shots usually look pretty average.  Plus, teams change frequently these days.

What if your team image was always up to date AND looked like the top-notch pros you are?

We have created a unique process that:

  • Eliminates the awkwardness

  • Presents your whole team in the best possible light

  • Gives you the ultimate flexibility - Add new members (or swap out old ones) without re-shooting everyone, saving loads of time and money

We direct each person through a series of poses and combine the very best into stunning composite images.

Add/ Swap/ Remove a team member from your existing Group Composite for a fraction cost.

Want to have one big team shot but also a few smaller team images for use on different web pages?

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Create smaller team subsets

The Sales Team and the Craftsmen

The Sales Team and the Craftsmen


You've spent a lot of time and effort developing a winning team...

Let us help you show it off!

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