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Real people.  Real Impact.  Every Time

At best, being photographed is outside most people's comfort zone.  For some, it's downright terrifying. We have built a system that takes all that away.  We give you all the tools you need; and give you very simple, clear direction to get outstanding results. 

You don't have to "be" confident or connected.  We show you (very simply) how to "do" all the qualities you want to portray for the camera, so the pressure is off.

"How do you manage to make everyone look so authentic?"

People ask me all the time "How do you manage to make everyone look so authentic?" and my answer is always the same... I can't make you anything.  What I can do is to show you as many paths (or possibilities) as I can see.  The reason that they seem authentic is because you choose which paths we follow... the ones that resonate with you the most.  And as we explore and progress, I help you refine that vision by getting you into optimal positions, postures and frames of mind.



We take the opposite approach to headshots than other photographers.  We create the images from the point of view of your audience.  After all, they are the end user.  Not you.  And their interpretation of what you show them is entirely outside your control.

So we frame an experience in which your audience become the co-creators of the encounter.  Because ultimately, what we do as humans is interpret.  So we give your audience a set of cues in which they are forced to engage and interpret.  

A generic smile doesn't get you there.  When you smile for the camera, what does that photo really say anyway?  Does it say "happy"?  Usually not - unless you're actually laughing.  No, what it says is just that... "smiling".  

According to the way our brains have developed, we have evolved to see a smile, recognise it as "safe" and quickly move on.  And that is literally the opposite effect you're trying to have on your audience. 

But when someone pauses, lingers for a fraction of a second more...  Well, you've gotten their attention.  And we all know attention is certainly the most valuable commodity of all.  So I'm not saying you're not allowed to smile in your photos.  There just has to be a whole lot more behind it.  And that's what I help you find. 

This is about creating a Powerful, Meaningful Connection - giving your audience the chance to Identify with you…  Not merely recognise you.



My unique 3-Part ACE Framework is designed to create maximum comfort and deliver outstanding results by removing unrealistic expectations (i.e. stress).

  1. ANGLE - We coach you through a range of motion, establishing your very best position and angles. This is about 5-10 minutes experimenting with shoulders, chin, nose, tilt and of course "The Turtle".

  2. CONNECTION - This is when I add some of my secret sauce to the mix and show you how to essentially reach through the camera so anyone viewing your photo feels a direct, personal connection.

  3. EXPRESSION - This is where we create the meaning. At this point you know your best Angle, and you're Connecting through the lens like a seasoned pro. So then we layer in the meaning and intention on your face... Sometimes that's a big smile, but more often we find people prefer to create a more intriguing tone once you know how.

I gradually add more and more layers, giving you the tools to start creating meaning and relevance.  And then as you start to get the hang of it, we stop being so rigid and literal.  I start to create natural scenarios for you to move through, using all the layers we established in the beginning.



You see all the shots as they happen on the computer screen.  There is no mystery.  No guessing.  No hoping.  We won't be peeking at the back screen of the camera, trying to 'see if it's working'.  We acknowledge from the start that we are going to take lots of terrible photos that will never see the light of day.  And by consistently checking in on our progress we get instant feedback, allowing us to craft a more precise, honest and flattering result.  Anything else is just guessing and that is no way to work.



Ultimately, this isn't about getting 150 mediocre, vacant-smile shots to choose from.  This is about crafting the very intension and message you want to convey - on the spot.

It's a gradual process in which we layer our three steps, one on top of the other, so when all three come together it's a very honest, and well orchestrated result. 

We get unparalleled success for everyone...  Images with more credibility, professionalism and authority than any other photographers out there.

And every time, people say the same thing...  "Wow.  That was really easy!"

We guarantee our work 100% because we are positive that this process is the best out there.

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