Absolutely!  But we take a very realistic approach.  

Essentially, we want the image to be the experience of you in real life.  And real life is dynamic so there are all kinds of things that one would never notice having a chat.  But on camera, you're frozen. So we clean out the distracting things that have nothing to do with a live experience of you.

However, we make sure you look your real age...  There's nothing more awkward than showing up to a meeting with someone new and not even recognising the person shaking your hand.  So a lot of things like the lines and bags around your eyes just get diminished to reduce distraction...  But we keep enough of it to clearly communicate who you really are.

We also cut you out and put you on a clean background.  You have your choice of white, grey or black.  And soon we will offer all kinds of unique backgrounds you can select to add a bit of flair!