We are looking for some new assistants

Having sharp minded people on set, who can look out for everyone, and help the photographer move toward a killer outcome is absolutely critical to success.  It's a team sport and I couldn't do all this alone while maintaining a sufficiently high degree of big picture clarity and communication with the client(s).

Being a super-prepared, professionally dressed and well groomed, highly organised, positive puzzle solver are key attributes to great photography assistants.

An Assistant Role Includes:

1.  Always Anticipating - Staying alert and aware of how things are going and anticipating what might be needed.

2. Unloading/ Loading the Vehicle & Carrying Sh*t - This is really the least glamorous part of the job; but really the most essential (and most helpful). 

3. Furniture Mover - At the very beginning of my career an older photographer said to me that 40% of photography is moving furniture… Turns out he was right. 

4. Cable Runner - This is a sneaky task that can be forgotten until last… And that’s not the time to do it.  As you walk into a space (fulfilling requirement #2) you should be scanning the horizon for power points (often elusive creatures).  Then, as soon as the photographer can give you a rough idea where the lights should go, run cables around the room setting up a flexible system that can accommodate lights, laptop, mobile chargers, etc. 

5. Equipment Master - Once the cables are run, the light stands and lights go up very quickly.  Assembling light modifiers is nearly impossible at first.  Then it improves to confusing and frustrating.  Eventually the confusing part goes away, but it's always a little tedious.  You’ll get quicker.  Knowing where everything is all the time - lenses, batteries, extension cables... everything.

6. Customer Service Expert - If you see/ feel a lull or a shift in the tempo, you should check if anyone needs water. If there’s time and hands to accommodate you might grab coffees or snacks. Sometimes we spontaneously cater, sometimes it’s planned. But it’s always appreciated. So you are always welcome to offer the clients anything within reach or reason.

7. Behind the Scenes Capture - Photos and Video… Whatever recording implements you have, grab some Behind The Scenes to share. This is priceless for clients who might want to share stuff right away… Ask to use their phone to grab some. 

8. Name Genius - Remembering all the relevant names of whoever is on set. Sometimes I know who everyone is and sometimes not… If I turn to ask the HMUA’s name, the 'subject', the client’s brother who decided to join us on set… anyone.  Know them all and you will be greatly rewarded. 

9. Chief Organiser - Staying vigilant, making sure the gear/ set is always tidy.  Organising the space for optimal flow.   

10. Solutions Architect - The answer to most any request is "Yep, I'm on it."  'we can't do that' or 'it won't work' are not options.  Sometimes we need to squeeze ourselves or the gear into some pretty ridiculous spaces.  If you don't know the answer immediately, that's ok.  But if you're solutions oriented with a truly can-do attitude, it'll all work out.

10. Learning as much or as little about photography as you want. I often get wrapped up in the moment and don’t think about explaining things. But if you are curious about how or why or what I’m doing - just ask… There might not be a simple answer but I’m very happy to share what I do and know.

11.  Details Brain -  It's really all about the details.  If you're keeping a sharp eye on everything, you'll be able to help me catch mistakes before they become a problem... scheduling derailed, wardrobe malfunctions, laptop power, batteries charging, etc.  If you noticed that I numbered the points on this page wrong, then you've probably got what it takes.

12.  Fill in your Own - This is a very malleable job. You’ll often need to improvise when things don’t go perfectly. You could be a Bricklayer or a Wardrobe Assistant or anything else that might be required. Stay flexible and enjoy the ride. 

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Sometimes I need someone with loads of technical experience. Sometimes I just need extra hands on set. If you have very little or no experience, you'll always work under a First Assistant until I can see that you've got it all figured out.

***Photography Assistant is a contract position.  You must have your own ABN, invoice per job, and hold the proper insurance to be considered for the role.***