If you really want to make the shots pop off the page, nothing beats professional Make Up just before the shoot.

Our partners at SAPPHIRE MAKEUP & HAIR CREATIONS - Australia’s Leading Team of Mobile Hair & Makeup Experts - have given us a fantastic set of recommendations to help you get the absolute best results in your portrait session. 

Below are instructions on how to prepare for your session with the pros; as well as a set of DIY recommendations, should you choose to take care of it yourself.

Sapphire’s 7 Top Tips on How to Prepare for Your Full Service Hair and Make Up Session:

1.   Arrive with a perfectly ‘blank canvas’

2.    Wash and lightly blow dry your hair the night before your shoot (NO straightening irons or products).

3.    Cleanse and lightly moisturise- following your normal everyday skincare regime on the morning of the shoot.  NO MAKEUP please.

4.    If you’re planning on getting your hair coloured/ cut, do it a minimum of 5 days before your portrait session to allow your hair to return back to its natural state and your colour tone to settle.

5.    Facial waxing should also be completed a minimum of 5 days before your shoot.

6.    Let us know if you have any previous allergic reactions, scalp or skin conditions that we may need to be aware of.

7.    Show us photos of any previous hair and makeup you’ve had done that you especially loved, to help guide us on the day.

Following these recommendations will help ensure optimum hair/ makeup results and smooth sailing on the day.


If you are having your hair and makeup done, you will need to arrive a full 90 minutes before your scheduled session time (e.g. if your session is at 11:30am, you will need to arrive ready to begin hair/ makeup by 10am.)

Once you’re fully camera ready, your artist will stick around for a few test shots to make sure everything is just right.  If you would like touch ups or styling changes throughout the session, there is an additional charge.  And remember, any extra time spent in hair and makeup will cut into your photography time.

If you have any concerns or questions, we will happily put you in touch with your hair and makeup artist prior to the shoot.


·      What type of image do you want to represent in your portraits?  Professional, clean-cut, edgy, relaxed, simple and soft?

·      If you want some inspiration, browse the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram for some inspiration and think about what hairstyles and makeup may help depict this particular image for you.  This will help you have a few clear ideas to discuss for our professional artists on the day.

·      Don’t worry if you have very little idea - and don’t get overwhelmed - that’s why we work with the best!  Sapphire artists will guide you to achieve your desired overall image.  Your stylist will give you their professional opinion on what hair style may suit your face shape or makeup colours for your complexion for the image you want to portray.  Even if you only have a list of the things you don’t like, it is a good start.

 Sapphire's 7 Top Tips for DIY Hair and Makeup:

Lots of women choose to do their own hair and makeup for their shoot and that's absolutely fine.  You are welcome to arrive as early as you need for any touch ups and last minute adjustments.  Just make sure you’re ready to step in front of the camera at your scheduled time.

1.     Approach your hair and makeup as if you were having a special night out on the town.

2.    Apply your makeup heavier than normal, especially since the photo lights tend to wash you out.  Your normal 'everyday' makeup will make you appear as if you aren't wearing much at all.  Pay particular attention to your eyeliner, blush and lip colour.

3.    Bring some touch-up makeup with you - just in case.  Primarily, we like to avoid shiny skin in photos so a matte look is always preferable.  Foundations with an SPF often have an unpleasant background shine and may reflect on camera so please avoid this where possible.

4.    If you're the 'natural type' who prefers no makeup, we do strongly recommend you wear some for your photoshoot.  The definition and contouring that makeup provides on camera is worth it.  But of course, you need to stay true to yourself and feel comfortable so it’s about finding that balance.

5.    When choosing a hairstyle for your shoot, ask yourself "What frames my face and enhances my best features”.  You do not want to hide your face for your portraits.  Often giving your hair more volume or body can create a better ‘frame’ which is really important in portrait photography.

6.    Spend the time on yourself to ensure you feel good.  Most people expect a portrait session to be a bit stressful, so give yourself a boost by feeling great about your hair and makeup.

7.    If you have particular features you don’t like about yourself (we’ve all got them… don’t worry), create an overall style that will detract from those; while enhancing the features that you do love.  For example, if you don’t want to show your ears but want your eyes to stand out, you may want to go slightly darker on your eyeliner and wear your hair out in a soft wave to cover your ears.

If you’re doing it yourself, this should help your portrait hair and makeup preparations. Even if it’s not quite your ‘thing’, make sure you have fun with it and enjoy your upcoming shoot! 

And Gents...  Your head and facial hair should be well groomed and tidy.  Clean shaven is great, but if you're prone to razor burn, a light stubble is better.  And we have some powder on hand in case your face is a bit shiny.

Again, the most important thing is presenting yourself in the manner your audience needs/ expects to see you.

Tips, tricks and advice provided by our partners:


Australia's Leading Team of Mobile Hair and Makeup Experts