Expression Collector - Master of Light - Communicator

Hi.  I'm Jason.  I'm originally from America, but please don't hold it against me...
Get yourself in front of the lens with him. The experience is something else entirely. Best money you’re going to spend on your personal brand.
— Glen Carlson - CoFounder, DENT Global
Jason is redefining the art of the headshot that sparkles with the essence of who you really are. He sees you with fresh eyes and deep knowledge. Worth every cent.
— Julian Mather 


Assuming that there is a never ending stream of vocalised, physicalised, imagined, and experienced communication going on both externally and internally… transmitting and receiving… all the time… Then I feel like I should have a very good “Why” for all this communication.

What am I communicating FOR?  After all, communication is transmitting ideas.  Communication’s main feature is Influence - however big or small (changing society or changing ourselves)… grand or mundane (the very existence of the Taj Mahal or 'what do you want for dinner?')

What we communicate into the world is tangible.  There is a projection of energy, intention, effect from our communication that has a net result on our ecology….( the set of relationships existing between any complex system and its surroundings or environment )

Therefore, because of my own fundamental belief that our thoughts, words and actions profoundly dictate our experience of reality…  and what we are able to create in the world… I believe I should be crystal fucking clear about what KIND of affect I choose to have on the world around me.   

I have created an equation that fuels my creativity and my work.

Self expression + Self reflection = Transformation

I communicate because meaningful, intentional Self Expression is quite possibly the single most powerful part of our experience as a human being.

I communicate because Self Reflection is the prize I get from self expression.  I get to consider what I’ve created. I receive feedback from the world. I get to feel the reaction.  I get to live the message I’m transmitting. 

It’s entirely selfish in the most altruistic kind of way.  

I communicate because I want to bring powerful, uplifting, Transformation to the world around me.  And then I get to live in that world. I get to see it more clearly and then I get to retransmit all that back to society.  At the end of the day, if society deems my creations to be valuable then I guess I’m winning.

So that's why I have engineered my portrait sessions the same way.  You get to practise self expression... We repeat self reflection throughout... refining the expression based on that reflection...  creating a visual transformation that goes much deeper than just how you're communicating with the outside world.  Every single session is about helping you transform the way you communicate with yourself.

I want to empower you to Self Express more often and embrace the discomfort of Self Reflection, in order to keep your Transformational wheel turning. 

World-renowned, Award Winning Portrait Specialist

Jason's work can be seen on the pages of Entrepreneur, GQ, Forbes, Financial Review, dozens of book covers and billboards & bus stops in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  

His understanding of light, lines and gesture is only surpassed by his understanding of the entrepreneur's journey.  

He has been photographing 'professionals on the rise' exclusively for over 6 years and loves working closely with real people doing great things.

Anyone who has been photographed by Jason understands that the images are secondary.  His clients know the real value of his process is the chance to profoundly redefine themselves and communicate that on a deeply fundamental level to your audience. It's an opportunity to hold up a mirror and - if you're open - give yourself a chance to see yourself differently.  

Merely making you look good is a given.  The point is to fully portray you... in a way that honestly reflects your vision and value.  Jason helps the world see 'the you' you're meant to become.

If you are actively crafting your impact and influence in the world...  When Trust, Authenticity and Integrity are at the very top of your list, it may be time to work with Jason.