The Influencer Series

Become More Visible, Valuable and Connected in the Industry you love

These sessions are an unbelievable chance to develop your own unique visual communication style & image library.

It's a chance to peel back the layers, exposing the vision and values within.  Experiment and explore, creating truly stunning, editorial-style portraits; giving you a series of images that would proudly fit the pages of any international publication.


If we expect people to give us their attention, then it's our responsibility to show them something worthy of their attention - something candid and familiar... something they can relate to.

We gain trust by giving trust.  Tap into the deep well of human interaction and allow yourself to truly be seen with honesty and authenticity.  

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  • Pre-shoot consult to get the objectives aligned and on point 
  • The Essential Headshot gets us in sync and gives you the tools you'll need to look and feel great.
  • Move into the Space starting to explore and experiment with our surroundings.  
  • Take Stock - Throughout the session we repeatedly check what's been captured, making sure we are ticking all the boxes and creating a well balanced selection of looks and expressions
  • Selecting the Winners - Skype session with Jason after the shoot to help refine your selection


Besides creating incredibly captivating images, Jason constantly considers how you're going to use these images.  Since his photos appear in magazines, books and publications all over the world, he frames the images with lots of negative space, giving you and your designers maximum flexibility for layout and copy - whether that's for a simple brochure or a magazine cover.


Pre-shoot consult to get the objectives aligned and on point
Half day photoshoot with portrait specialist, Jason Malouin
Precise direction throughout the entire session
Real-time feedback allowing us to fine-tune the results as we go
Incredible range and diversity of self-expression
Customised for flexibility and ease of use across all media and collateral
Private, online gallery to select your winning shots
10 final ‘Hero’ images giving you a beautifully dynamic range of images retouched for authenticity and integrity by world-class professionals
   • A batch of unretouched, low res ‘Selects’ to use for social/ blogs etc.
   • Images in High and Low Resolution - Ready To Use for Print and Web. 
   • BONUS - Our favourite ‘Creative Crops’ for maximum impact

Give us a call to explore the possibilities

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