award winning portrait specialist

Jason is redefining the art of the headshot that sparkles with the essence of who you really are.  Jason sees you with fresh eyes and deep knowledge. Worth every cent.
— Julian Mather 
Hi.  I'm Jason.  I'm originally from America, but please don't hold it against me...

His work regularly appears on the pages of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Financial Review and GQ.  

Anyone who has been photographed by Jason understands that the images are secondary.  His clients know the real value of his process is the chance to profoundly redefine themselves.  It's an opportunity to hold up a mirror and - if you're open - give yourself a chance to see yourself differently.  

Merely making you look good is a given.  The point is to fully portray you... in a way that honestly reflects your vision and value.  Jason helps the world see 'the you' you're meant to become.

If you are actively crafting your Impact and Influence in the world...  When Trust, Authenticity and Integrity are at the very top of your list, it may be time to work with Jason.

Jason is the coolest, most talented (possibly the most insane) photographer in Australia. If he wasn’t so talented, they’d lock him up. Get yourself in front of the lens with him. The experience is something else entirely. Best money you’re going to spend on your personal brand.
— Glen Carlson - CoFounder, DENT Global