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What if you could LOOK like it FEELS?

This is an opportunity to get up on stage and "present" in spectacularly ideal conditions

We know most of your public speaking photos are crap.  

They usually come from event photographers creating a visual record for the organisers...  Or a friend in the audience with your phone... And that's IF you even get anything at all.

  • The moments captured often include awkward faces /gestures

  • You're usually speaking under unfortunate lighting that looks shabby

  • Backgrounds can be messy, distracting and cluttered with the wrong branding

These shots are you on stage, in the spotlight. Jason will guide and direct you through a series of gestures and specific words to get the most flattering and compelling shots of you "presenting".

  • Vast and inspirational top-shelf images of you in the spotlight.

  • Clean, flexible images to use in your speaker's kit and all other collateral.

  • Lots of usable negative space, giving your designers the very best to work with


What You Get:

  • The stage & spotlight all to yourself, thoroughly coached and directed by Jason

  • 40 min session (includes time for a quick change, creating 2 distinct looks)

  • 10 fully retouched images - High and Low Res. Plus creative crops, ready to use.

  • ** BRAND NEW - 2 camera angle video footage for use in your showreel (no audio)**


  • Tea, Coffee, Nibbles

  • Fun group vibe

  • Stage props (Mic, clicker, etc.)

  • Hair and makeup on request (additional)

The Venue 

The Tivoli

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