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Brisbane - Business Action Shots - Boardroom

Do you need to be seen presenting to a small group of professionals? If you're tired of using old or stock photos in your flow, this is for you.  

We direct the entire shoot for optimal results and in the end, everyone gets a suite of 10 custom images of themselves as the 'star' to use across all their collateral.

What are Business Action Shots?

If you need powerful images of you in action, this is for you.   We run each session tailored to specific business themes and invite a handful of people to come along for incredible custom photos at a group price.  


Who Can Join

This session is for professionals that need to be seen presenting workshops / seminars / sales meetings / etc to small groups in an intimate boardroom setting.

How it Works

  • 8 people come together for about a couple hours
  • Each person takes their turn in front of the camera... Directed simply and precisely for maximum impact.
  • Then you sit down and join in the boardroom "audience" as the next person gets up and repeats the process for themselves.

What You Get

  • High-end, commercial quality photoshoot... Lit to perfection in an impressive, professional location
  • Individual direction by award-winning photographer, Jason Malouin (Australia's premier portrait specialist for professionals)
  • A suite of 10 dynamic final images of you in action; engaging, funny and insightful... Images with maximum impact and personality.  Including "you to many", "you to a few" and "one on one" style shots.


  • Fun & interactive vibe with the other people in the room.  Since this is photography and not video, you get to chat and enjoy yourself with professionals from different industries.
  • Coffee, Tea and Snacks

The price for images at this level in your own, custom session costs $3500 (assuming you can supply the right venue).

By doing it this way, we can give more people outstanding results at a fraction of the cost.  

Now's your chance to start showing the world what you're capable of...   Come and join us.

Brisbane Boardroom Session
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