Become More Visible, Valuable and Connected in the Industry You Love

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Working with neuroscientists, psychologists and organisational change specialists, Jason has developed a process that taps into the evolutionary biology with which our minds are wired.

Through Jason's very precise coaching, his process empowers you to understand how to effectively portray yourself with maximum Trust, Authenticity and Connection  

This is so much more than the "headshots" you’re used to. Through a series of simple visual cues, Jason show you how to evoke the qualities and values your company is founded on; helping you increase profits by maximising trust.

Tailored Visual Communication

Who is your audience?
What do they need to understand?
Are you upholding long-standing traditions within your industry?  Are you breaking down walls?
What qualities would you most like to portray?

Real People.  Real Impact.  Every Time.

Jason's A.C.E. process (Angle - Connection - Expression) is a gradual, layering process that teases out an honest and authentic result... creating exceptional results for real people... every time. 

1. Angle - Discover your most natural and flattering position & posture, refined for the camera's perspective.
2. Connection - Realise how to transmit 'through the camera' to connect with the viewer in a powerful, compelling way.
3. Expression - Develop a nuanced, complex range of expression that engages your audience.With clear, simple, and precise direction every step of the way. 


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But what if I'm not photogenic?

'Photogenic' isn't the goal.  Meaningful, effective communication is.  Of course, you want to look good.  And with this process - tested for over 6 years on hundreds of people - we know how to make everyone look good.

Interestingly, there is almost no way to be confident on camera.  You have to do confident, approachable, trustworthy and all the other valuable qualities you want to portray.  Jason shows you exactly how.

And with continuous, instant feedback on the computer monitor, there's no mystery.  This removes the pressure of wondering if you're getting it right; allows us to take stock along the way; and gives you more confidence allowing us to fine-tune your message.

Want to know exactly what happens during your session? 

The Essential Headshot Session Includes:

• Pre-shoot consult - wardrobe and makeup advice for best results
• One Hour Session with portrait specialist, Jason Malouin
• Precise and thorough direction during the entire session
• Real-time feedback allowing us to fine-tune the results as we go
• Private, online gallery to select your winning shots
• 3 final images giving you a dynamic range of looks/ expressions/ backgrounds

• Fully retouched for authenticity and integrity by world-class professionals
• Your images in both High and Low Resolution - Ready To Use for Print and Web. 
• BONUS - Our favourite ‘Creative Crops’ for maximum impact
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Empowered Visual Communication

Starting at $550* for an individual

*Optional services include Hair/ Makeup, Styling, Location of Your Choice

Flexible solutions for every size business


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Check out my #1 tip for a great headshot... The 'Turtle'.  You can practice this at home before your session!



For the best possible results we recommend including Full Hair and Make Up before your session.  You arrive as a clean, blank canvas and let our top notch makeup artist transform you into camera ready perfection.

Each person takes about 90 minutes

You can read more about Hair and Make Up recommendations here.


Need those images immediately?  Normally it takes 10 working days to receive your images.  We can have them back in your hands in less than 24 hours if you're in a hurry...