14. The Hidden Communicational Lessons of a Chiropractor with Therese Perdedjian

Therese Perdedjian

Have you ever thought about how your body communicates with you and the world? In today’s episode of Communicator, I talk with Chiropractor, doula, and childbirth educator Therese Perdedjian. Therese travelled to Christchurch after the earthquake in 2011, the Dominican Republic after the Haitian earthquake, and has started 2 organization's: MissyonTrips which sends teams of health professionals to Armenia to serve the kids in orphanages, as well as Blessed Bundles, which empowers girls in orphanages around the world through educating about childbirth

Therese Perdedjian and I discuss the different ways your body is constantly communicating. From the physical, to how your body stores up energy over time, to the sacred geometry that makes up your body and all living things, Therese is the expert in the physical nature of communication. She also dives into how the subconscious mind influences your body communication, why pain reduction is only the beginning of the healing process, and how to be more in touch with your physical self.  

Therese also covers:

  • Why your body stores physical memories
  • Why patients are an essential part of the healing process
  • Why pain reduction is only the beginning of becoming a healthier person
  • Why feedback generates trust
  • The difference between interpretation and translation
  • Why language is so linear
  • What is ‘sacred geometry’ and how it can transform your world
  • The secret to understanding your body’s communication better