6. Effective Communication, The Physicality of Speech and Personal Branding with Sharon Moore

Sharon Moore

What would it be like to have your ability to communicate verbally taken away from you? In today’s episode of Communicator, Sharon Moore, a speech pathologist and founder of the company Well Spoken. Sharon has 37 years of clinical experience as a Speech Pathologist in Australia and overseas, across a range of clinical settings, including: Education Department, Child Psychiatry, Independent Schools Board, Cochlear Ltd., Private Practice, School for Hearing Impaired, The Canberra Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital in Westminster, London. She has worked with adults, teens and children, with a wide range of communication and swallowing disorders.

Shares shares with us what it’s like for patients who lose their ability to communicate or struggle to cultivate the gift of communication. She talks about the muscles and airways that make communication possible as well as the obstructions that can make it impossible along with the many facets that make up communication we take for granted. Along the way, Sharon will also discusses personal branding, why it's so important and the reason most businesses get it wrong.

These fascinating insights are also mixed with::

  • What makes up 70% of our overall communication. (And it's not our words.)
  • The year of life when humans learn the most
  • What communication is to a speech pathologist
  • The evolutionary reason our facial muscles and airways govern our communication
  • Why you should never say the same thing the same way twice
  • What a larynx is and why it's so crucial to your communication
  • How Jason picks out all his guests
  • The key to taking great photos even if you only have an iPhone
  • The most important part of developing a personal brand
  • What Jason hates most about his business



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