13. Natasha Zuvela on Brandishing Your Best Persona, Boosting Your Self-Confidence, and Being a Courageous Communicator

Natasha Zuvela

Do you ever feel nervous and awkward in front of the camera? Do you find yourself wondering how actors and actresses communicate so easily and effortlessly? Then you’ll want to stay tuned for this week’s episode of Communicator. On today’s show, I chat with Natasha Zuvela about video marketing and the art of being your best self in-person and on-camera.

Since her first gig at MTV Australia and Europe, where she hosted the #1 rated MTV show for 3 years straight—reaching over 60 million viewers—Natasha’s been helping clients transform their businesses, and their feelings of self-worth, through her company, Video Mastery. Natasha and I cover everything from persona to charisma and the magic that happens when the camera starts rolling.

We touched on many other topics as well, including:

  • What it takes to stand out from the competition on-camera

  • How to channel your most charismatic persona

  • How your self-confidence and self-worth can skyrocket overnight

  • Natasha’s strategy for growth and achieving success

  • Why you should be looking at yourself on camera

  • The secret to moving past your deepest and darkest fears



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