12. Mary Trantino on Decision-Making Personalities and Effective Communication

Mary Trantino

Are you intrigued by other people’s quirks and personalities? Do you ever ask yourself how you could be communicating more effectively, person to person? Then sit tight, because this week’s episode of Communicator is right up your alley. I chat with Mary Trantino about recognizing and communicating with other personalities—through the metaphor of birds!

A former accountant and independent consultant in the industry of children’s entertainment and educational products, Mary Trantino now heads the Photography Business Academy. Mary and I discuss the fundamental keys of communication in 2018, and the unique idea that we’re all just birds of a different feather at heart. Mary explores the five decision-making personalities that we all encounter and engage, day-to-day.

You won’t want to miss this insightful podcast, which also covers:

  • What it means to build a relationship with a peer or client
  • How you can maximize your sales, simply by communicating
  • Why it’s crucial to listen closely to your clients, from the start
  • The “Eagle” as a decision maker
  • The “Dove” as a decision maker
  • The “Peacock” as a decision maker
  • The “Robin” and “Owl” as decision making personalities
  • How you can be authentic and effective as a communicator



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