5. Award-Winning Cartoonist, Geoff Hook, on Communicating Without Words

Geoff Hook

There are many different ways we can communicate with each other. One of the more interesting media is through art, or more specifically, (as is the case of my latest podcast guest) cartooning. Geoff Hook has been a notable political cartoonist with a career that has spanned the past four decades. Having been a cartoonist for publications including The Age and The Sun News Pictorial, Geoff has had great experience in connecting with people through his drawings.

Geoff is a published author and an award winning artist, and has been commended for the service he’s provided in many different ways - even being awarded with a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2012. In this episode, Geoff and I discuss the medium that is cartooning, and how it can be both difficult and highly effective to communicate in what is perceived to be quite a limited medium.

We also get into the following:

  • How to communicate your ideas and opinions effectively when you don’t have much space to do it in
  • The visual impact of cartoons and its continual presence in the media
  • Cartoon controversies
  • How we all interpret things like cartoons differently, depending on our own individual filters
  • The responsibilities and opportunities felt by Geoff throughout his long career
  • Staying as unbiased as possible, and how that can be difficult
  • How to separate your own personal views from the message you want to communicate
  • How Geoff has so far found his retirement, and the legacy he intends to leave
  • His opinions on the state of modern-day journalism



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