9. Geoff Hetherington, The Clarity CEO, on Communicating With Clarity

Geoff Hetherington

Achieving absolute clarity in your communication can sometimes seem like a herculean task. Lucky for us there is a highly acclaimed coach that spends his life teaching people how. Educator and mentor, Geoff Hetherington has spent years teaching people from all different walks of life how to be more explicit in their communication. He’s helped people in business, accountants, speakers, writers, chemists, data scientists, etc. see what they weren’t seeing.

Geoff remains the youngest person ever elected to the YMCA Board of Directors (at age 17), served for five years as Chairman of the Sutherland Shire Skillshare Project, and is currently the Chairman of the Central Coast Business Enterprise Centre. In this episode, Geoff and I discuss how to achieve clarity through communication, and how it can be both challenging and incredibly rewarding to get your message across with as few and fine tuned words as possible.

We also get into the following:

  • What the first rule of communication is in any setting.
  • What Alexander The Great can teach you about clarity in communication
  • The difference between conscious competence and unconscious competence
  • What it's like to run five businesses in Indonesia
  • Why the human connection is the key to any discussion
  • Why You should never trust a coach who doesn’t have a coach
  • How Geoff’s detangling can help you
  • The virtues of telling people you’re going to sell them up front


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