8. Early Childhood Education Expert Dympna Kennedy on Why Listening is the Best Thing a Parent Can Do for Their Child

Dympna Kennedy

Dympna Kennedy wants parents to shut up and listen. The mother, author, entrepreneur and child psychology expert has a simple and reassuring approach to parenting: parents need to listen to their children, rather than simply telling them what and what not to do at every moment. On a recent episode of Communicator, Dympna and I met to chat about how traditional, authoritative parenting styles are leading to generations of adults that are stressed, have trouble connecting and continue to perpetuate an unhealthy parenting style.

Dympna is the founder of Creating Balance, an organisation that for more than 18 years has been at the forefront of promoting mindful, emotionally intelligent parenting. In addition to being a certified Circle of Security Parent Educator, founder of the SSSIB Parenting Program, and having a host of other qualifications, she is an incredibly gifted and devoted early childhood expert. In this episode, Dympna and I delve into some of the profound insights that are changing the way parents treat their children.

We also get into the following:

  • Why 1 in 4 babies has notable mental health issues before their first birthday

  • How to be both a friend and protector for your children

  • Why every parent already knows how to make their children calm and happy

  • A newer, more intelligent definition of “respect”

  • How the way an adult treats children is indicative of their own childhood

  • The four key personality traits of a good parent

  • How to curb attention-seeking behaviour in children

  • Why too many adults are “fairweather parents”



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