7. How to Navigate Conflict and Persuade Others with Clarissa Rayward


If you struggle with personal communication skills, or want to be better at creating rapport with others at work or in your own life, Clarissa Rayward can help. In today’s episode of Communicator I am joined by Clarissa who is known as ‘The Happy Family Lawyer’ as she specialises in helping couples stay out of Court and work together to reach a resolution to their relationship breakdown. She is the author of Happy Lawyer Happy Life: How to Be Happy in Law and in Life’ and ‘Splitsville: How to Separate, Stay Out of Court and Stay Friends’. She is also a practising divorce lawyer, podcaster, blogger, speaker and dancer.

Clarissa shares how she creates rapport in one of the hardest places to do it, divorce law. She also shares with us the questions you need to ask to begin building trust and understanding with anyone, as well as giving insights on how conflicts commonly occur and how to navigate them effectively. Clarissa also talks about the keys to finding common ground and how to turn adverse situations into empowering ones.

Some other communication insights covered are:

  • The questions to ask that always connect you to other people
  • Why curiosity over judgment
  • Why divorce is the second most significant loss for people besides death
  • The steps to getting someone to calm down
  • What a “Stupid box” is and how it can help you build rapport
  • Why people are better at running from unhappy things then happy things
  • How divorce can be empowering
  • How to regain trust with others
  • Why human connections are so important to work and home life
  • How Harvard and oranges can help us be better communicators



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