16. Non-Verbal Communication, Body Language and Active Listening with Trish Braithwaite

Trish Braithwaite

If you take away words, how effective would your communication be? In today’s episode of the Communicator podcast, Equestrian coach Trish Braithwaite argues there is a myriad of effective communication methods without words. Trish is currently an Equestrian Australia-qualified D Level (Australian National medium/advanced) dressage judge and regularly trains to upgrade.  As a full-time freelance coach, Trish travels daily around the greater Brisbane area coaching at private and club facilities.

Trish shares with us what effective communication looks like through the lenses of nonverbal and body language communication. Trish also talks about how to establish yourself as a leader in the eyes of a horse and how adaptation, patience, and persistence are all keys to communication on the saddle (and off it).

Topics also covered in this episode:

  • Why ‘give and take’ is so important

  • Why communication is never a one-way street

  • How to gain trust with anyone

  • Why dedicating yourself to one thing helps you learn more about yourself

  • Why equestrians ‘ride with their skeletons’

  • The key to working better in a team

  • How to establish yourself as the adult in any situation

  • Why repetitive tasks are the essence of mastery

  • Why adaptation is the key to success in just about anything