The Art and Science of Transmitting Ideas

We All Communicate.  All The Time

I'm a highly specialised visual communicator and of course, I want to improve my craft.  I realised that in order to become a better portrait photographer, I need to become a better communicator.

So I decided to start a little art project.

If we can learn to transmit ideas better from some of the best minds out there, then we can master our own communication.  I'm chatting with folks who profoundly understand their own particular style of communication.  I dig into their unique perspectives and the ways they navigate some very interesting waters.

6. Effective Communication, The Physicality of Speech and Personal Branding with Sharon Moore

Sharon Moore

What would it be like to have your ability to communicate verbally taken away from you? In today’s episode of Communicator, Sharon Moore, a speech pathologist and founder of the company Well Spoken. Sharon has 37 years of clinical experience as a Speech Pathologist in Australia and overseas, across a range of clinical settings, including: Education Department, Child Psychiatry, Independent Schools Board, Cochlear Ltd., Private Practice, School for Hearing Impaired, The Canberra Hospital and St Thomas’ Hospital in Westminster, London. She has worked with adults, teens and children, with a wide range of communication and swallowing disorders.

Shares shares with us what it’s like for patients who lose their ability to communicate or struggle to cultivate the gift of communication. She talks about the muscles and airways that make communication possible as well as the obstructions that can make it impossible along with the many facets that make up communication we take for granted. Along the way, Sharon will also discusses personal branding, why it's so important and the reason most businesses get it wrong.

These fascinating insights are also mixed with::

  • What makes up 70% of our overall communication. (And it's not our words.)
  • The year of life when humans learn the most
  • What communication is to a speech pathologist
  • The evolutionary reason our facial muscles and airways govern our communication
  • Why you should never say the same thing the same way twice
  • What a larynx is and why it's so crucial to your communication
  • How Jason picks out all his guests
  • The key to taking great photos even if you only have an iPhone
  • The most important part of developing a personal brand
  • What Jason hates most about his business



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5. Award-Winning Cartoonist, Geoff Hook, on Communicating Without Words

Geoff Hook

There are many different ways we can communicate with each other. One of the more interesting media is through art, or more specifically, (as is the case of my latest podcast guest) cartooning. Geoff Hook has been a notable political cartoonist with a career that has spanned the past four decades. Having been a cartoonist for publications including The Age and The Sun News Pictorial, Geoff has had great experience in connecting with people through his drawings.

Geoff is a published author and an award winning artist, and has been commended for the service he’s provided in many different ways - even being awarded with a Medal of the Order of Australia in 2012. In this episode, Geoff and I discuss the medium that is cartooning, and how it can be both difficult and highly effective to communicate in what is perceived to be quite a limited medium.

We also get into the following:

  • How to communicate your ideas and opinions effectively when you don’t have much space to do it in
  • The visual impact of cartoons and its continual presence in the media
  • Cartoon controversies
  • How we all interpret things like cartoons differently, depending on our own individual filters
  • The responsibilities and opportunities felt by Geoff throughout his long career
  • Staying as unbiased as possible, and how that can be difficult
  • How to separate your own personal views from the message you want to communicate
  • How Geoff has so far found his retirement, and the legacy he intends to leave
  • His opinions on the state of modern-day journalism



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4. Feeling Stressed? Amanda Foy, Emotional Strength Trainer, Can Help

Amanda Foy

On this week’s episode of the Communicator podcast, my guest is someone truly remarkable. Amanda Foy, also known as the Emotional Strength Trainer, acts as the voice of your emotional immune system. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Amanda has an uncanny ability to tap into people’s emotional and mental wellbeing, and works one-on-one with people to rid their minds of stress, heal themselves and overcome years of torment.

Amanda works with individuals from all walks of life to help them become stronger, more capable and ready to take on whatever comes their way in life. She is truly a fascinating person to talk to, and during this episode we discuss a wide range of topics including the science behind stress, the dangers of repressed trauma and the three-level process towards total emotional wellbeing.

We also tap into the following:

  • How stress manifests itself in the body
  • The neuroscience of trauma
  • The processes Amanda uses in order to get people to release their inner pain
  • How we tend to create self-perpetuating cycles of stress and pain
  • The four key elements you need to address to get better
  • Amanda’s method of communication, and why it’s so effective
  • The one sentence you need to learn in order to stress less
  • Why self-care is so important



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3. Using Emotion to Communicate Better, with Aideen Gallagher

Aideen Gallagher

If you want to learn how to be a better communicator, then you’ve come to the right place! On this week’s episode of The Communicator podcast, I’m speaking with Aideen Gallagher. Aideen is author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book - The Manual Handling Revolution, and her experience working in the mental health and occupational fields has taught her plenty on the subject of communicating.

In this episode, we dig deep into the nuances of communication and everything that Aideen has learned throughout her career. She shares with me some of her most touching stories, life lessons and tips, and she outlines her keys to successful communication. I enjoyed the conversation enormously, and I’m sure that you will too.

Listen to the full podcast to hear all of the above, plus things like:

  • The backstory of Aideen’s career
  • The physical aspects of communication
  • Examples of the bad news Aideen often has to give
  • Why people ignore cues from others
  • How to identify grief
  • How to break hard news
  • Aideen’s top communication tip
  • How to connect with people in a short period of time
  • The power of using someone’s name
  • The value of having time parametres for communication
  • Relationship-building, and what a ‘therapeutic’ relationship is
  • How to open channels with people
  • Why avoiding an impositional communication style is a good idea
  • The wisdom in being ‘hard on the problem and soft on the person’


The Manual Handling Revolution

2. Andrew Griffiths on the Age of Distraction, Storytelling and How to Be a Better Communicator

Andrew Griffiths

Do you want to learn how to be a better communicator? Are you keen to hear a master storyteller share some of his learnings of the past 30 years? Andrew Griffiths is a powerhouse of the Australian small business and marketing space. He’s an inspirational speaker, mentor and author, having written 11 books that are sold in over 50 countries and translated into many different languages.

In this episode, we dive headlong into all things communication. Andrew shares some of his most fascinating stories, life lessons, tips and outlined his life philosophies with communication as a lens. I enjoyed the conversation tremendously, and so will you.

Listen to the full podcast to hear all of the above, plus things like:

  • Communicational lessons from aboriginal cultures
  • Why Andrew talks to himself in the mirror
  • Reasons to emulate Richard Branson
  • How respect is one of the fundamental drivers of good communication
  • Best tips for getting better at communicating
  • Approaches taken by the world’s best communicators
  • Why Andrew hangs up on people and walks out on meetings
  • What it means to be a student of communication
  • How fear can be used as an attention capturing tool
  • How the ‘a little goes a long way’ adage applies to communication
  • The power of nonverbal communication
  • The ways in which Andrew thinks about and uses authenticity
  • Why communication isn’t taught in school
  • How adverse situations can be formative in unseen ways
  • The lessons Andrew learned from running a dive shop



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1. Ronsley Vaz on Self-Communication, Superpowers and Channeling Your Creativity

Ronsley Vaz

Do you want to learn to be a better communicator? Keen to hear some contrarian thinking on creativity? Interested in the idea of unleashing your superpowers? If so, you’ll not want to miss this inaugural episode of Communicator podcast. In this show, I was lucky enough to sit down with Ronsley Vaz. It’s difficult to condense Ronsley into a single paragraph. At various times, all of the following titles were his: entrepreneur, DJ, software engineer, financial adviser, restaurateur and chef, speaker, author, and marketer. His podcast, Bond Appetit, is Australia’s #1 food podcast on iTunes, and he’s also the founder of content marketing agency Amplify.

In this episode, we talk about self-communication, authenticity, how to think about and approach creativity, and ultimately how to let your inner powers flourish. We pulled at various philosophical threads, had a few laughs and rounded out with Ronsley’s advice that everyone should ‘remove the filter’. I found the talk fascinating, and I’m sure that you will as well.

Listen to the full podcast to hear all of the above, plus things like:

  • The power of simply asking
  • Reframing failures and always finding ways to see the upside
  • Why cliches are harmful and what you can do about them
  • Different approaches to communicating your creativity
  • The value in asking uncomfortable questions
  • The biggest gift that Ronsley’s mother gave him
  • How to become a more complete version of yourself
  • The value in exploring non-linear thinking
  • The power of photography as a medium of communication
  • The intimacy and communicational value of food



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