Do you want to show the world how natural you are, presenting to a boardroom of professionals?  

If you've been using generic stock photos in your collateral and you're ready to step it up, this is for you.  

Boardroom Series - Behind the Scenes

Starting at $1200

This is a chance to get the Custom images without the Custom price.  It's a group experience.  

You take your turn "presenting" while being fully directed by Jason.  Then take your seat as a "board member" for the next person who gets up and "presents".  


We know that most of your public speaking photos are crap.

What if you could have shots that make you LOOK like it FEELS?  Get up on stage and "present" in spectacularly ideal conditions.

Spotlight Series - Behind the Scenes

Starting at $1995

This is you - on stage, in the spotlight.  Jason guides and directs you through a series of gestures and specific words to get the most flattering and compelling shots of you "presenting".

This is a very unique portrait experience.  Nothing like this exists anywhere else in Australia

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