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We All Communicate.  All The Time

I'm a highly specialised visual communicator and of course, I want to improve my craft.  I realised that in order to become a better portrait photographer, I need to become a better communicator.

So I decided to start a little project.

If we can learn to transmit ideas better from some of the best minds out there, then we can master our own communication.  I'm chatting with folks who profoundly understand their own particular style of communication.  I dig into their unique perspectives and the ways they navigate some very interesting waters.

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Scientists Reveal Repulsive Selfies

Well, if science says so...

There’s a creeping notion within the small business and entrepreneurial community that 'personal branding' is about being hopelessly self-indulgent.

Sometimes 'personal brands' appear to be all about you and what matters to you; without intention or regard for the audience (end user).

You see this more and more with the rise of Facebook Live and other new social streaming services.

But we aren't interested in what you think of yourself... (says the american... haha!).

That's why testimonials are so super powerful. It's someone else's version of us. And that creates loads of influence and credibility.

And apparently, that concept has the same weight - visually speaking.

Yes, it's true.  In business, we are all our own media companies now.  But take it easy on the selfies.  Especially if you're using them in your personal branding.

At the very least, having someone else take your picture. That tells us, the viewers that you:

a) have a friend or a team

b) if you DON'T have a friend or team, you still know how to reach out to another human and make the briefest of connections - even if it's only for a quick snap of you in action

P.S. - If you haven't seen "Uncle Jason's #1 Selfie Tip", check this out.

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Behind the Scenes with Business Action Shots - Boardroom

Here's a peek behind the curtain of our first Boardroom Series -

Business Action Shots!

This was an incredible, sold out event that was equal parts amazing image creation and high value networking.

Our next theme is:

- On Stage in the Spotlight for Public Speakers


Wanna stay ahead of the curve and be among the first to find out when we release the next Boardroom or Spotlight Sessions?  Just drop your name and email in below.

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A Photographer's Four Deadliest Words


Photographers always say you just have to "relax" to make a great photo...  But is that helpful at all?  I mean, relax into what?  

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Telling someone to relax is like telling them not to think of a orange elephant.  It doesn't work.  Most people start to worry that they aren't relaxed enough, creating an unfortunate downward spiral.

I have asked every single person I've photographed for years...  "What are 2-3 words you really want your image to convey?"

The word "relaxed" has never come up.  Alert, full of integrity and knowledge.  Looking like you have the key to solving my problems...  Open to collaboration as THE authority in your field...  That's what people tell me they want.

For that to happen you need a clear process to relax into.  A predictable framework that ensures consistency, while at the same time is customised to each individual.

Yes, of course being relaxed does help the process and facilitates better images.  But there is one critical element that most photographers get completely wrong.

Being relaxed isn't your responsibility.  It's the photographer's job...  To simultaneously be relaxed and make you feel relaxed.  To give you a clearly defined method or process that gets consistent results.

I built our process from the ground up.  It took me about a year (shooting headshots almost exclusively) to work out exactly what feels meaningful in a headshot.  I slowly tweaked and refined until I was getting that result over and over.  And then I reverse engineered the outcome, creating the method we use today.

We never tell you to relax.  We never have to.  Before you arrive you know there's a recipe we follow.  When you do arrive we set the intention and expectations immediately...  The same way, every time.  Because it works.

So instead of asking you to relax, we give you a very simple roadmap.  When you know where you're going AND how to get there, the road suddenly becomes much smoother. 

That allows you to move forward with confidence - and in the end, it means we can create the most powerful, connected portraits in the world... Every single time.


Register your interest below and we will give you 15% off any Branding Basics sessions - Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.

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Is That Photo... Moving?!?

Hey everyone!  Check these out!

They are Cinemagraphs.  It's an awesome process we've been tinkering with and ready to launch for real!

When you upload these things to Facebook they play automatically.  Plus it comes with a .GIF version which can be used for Instagram and your Facebook profile photo - they move now!

Give us a shout if you think you'd like us to create one of these for you!  

07 3852 6385


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55 Seconds Behind the Scenes with Portrait Store and Jason Malouin


These are an unbelievable chance to develop your personal brand & image library working with the Portrait Store founder and portrait genius, Jason Malouin, one on one! 

Here's a behind the scenes glimpse of our most recent session in Brisbane.

You'll get 2 hours to experiment and explore, creating amazingly unique portraits, on location.

These only happen about once per month in different cities around Australia and always limited to 3 people.