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We All Communicate.  All The Time

I'm a highly specialised visual communicator and of course, I want to improve my craft.  I realised that in order to become a better portrait photographer, I need to become a better communicator.

So I decided to start a little project.

If we can learn to transmit ideas better from some of the best minds out there, then we can master our own communication.  I'm chatting with folks who profoundly understand their own particular style of communication.  I dig into their unique perspectives and the ways they navigate some very interesting waters.

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Behind the Scenes with Business Action Shots - Boardroom

Here's a peek behind the curtain of our first Boardroom Series -

Business Action Shots!

This was an incredible, sold out event that was equal parts amazing image creation and high value networking.

Our next theme is:

- On Stage in the Spotlight for Public Speakers


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