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Scientists Reveal Repulsive Selfies

Well, if science says so...

There’s a creeping notion within the small business and entrepreneurial community that 'personal branding' is about being hopelessly self-indulgent.

Sometimes 'personal brands' appear to be all about you and what matters to you; without intention or regard for the audience (end user).

You see this more and more with the rise of Facebook Live and other new social streaming services.

But we aren't interested in what you think of yourself... (says the american... haha!).

That's why testimonials are so super powerful. It's someone else's version of us. And that creates loads of influence and credibility.

And apparently, that concept has the same weight - visually speaking.

Yes, it's true.  In business, we are all our own media companies now.  But take it easy on the selfies.  Especially if you're using them in your personal branding.

At the very least, having someone else take your picture. That tells us, the viewers that you:

a) have a friend or a team

b) if you DON'T have a friend or team, you still know how to reach out to another human and make the briefest of connections - even if it's only for a quick snap of you in action

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