San Miguel de Allende 25 copy.jpg

This is San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

You can wander down these cobblestone streets for days like I did… exploring to find incredible treasures around every corner.

San Miguel is a well-preserved, magical 18th century town in Mexico’s central highlands that scored first place ‘World’s Best City’ in Travel and Leisure… Twice! It’s registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I could have easily spent a whole week there.

These photos are not the exception, they are the rule. The whole town is so ridiculously picturesque, it’s actually overwhelming. I only spent 3 days in San Miguel, so I had to make the most of the little time I had to explore. I was in the streets an hour before sunrise each morning (and well into sunset each evening), looking for those opportunities the light affords you during those precious, magical hours…

Downloads a set of free images from San Miguel de Allende to use as backgrounds on any of your devices. Enjoy!

The Fine Print (for the fine art prints…)

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed by the printing company we use - quoted straight from their website:

“If you are not truly, absolutely, 100% delighted with your prints then contact us and we will arrange for them to be returned. We will even pay the return freight.

It doesn’t matter whether the problem was your fault, our fault, an Act of God, or the fault of the bloke at the post office. It doesn’t matter if you change your mind, decide you don’t like the picture, or have just divorced the husband / wife in the photo. Unless you are happy, we are not happy.”

So you know you’re covered. No matter what.

Canvas Print Details

We use genuine, archival-grade canvas purchased directly from the U.S.A. Our canvas is a heavy-weight 450gsm, free of artificial whiteners and offers amazing colour and definition.

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Our prints come ready to hang.  Unlike some other printers, we don’t view the ability to hang the canvas as optional extra.  All our prints come finished at the back with acid-free frame tape and gallery-quality hooks, screws and wire.

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We offer lamination to make your prints last longer.  An unlaminated print is like a photo without a frame; over time, the corners will begin to tear and crease. All our prints are laminated with a  coat of UV-protective, waterproof and antifungal laminate, ensuring your canvas print will last well into the future.


  • 450gsm US-made archival canvas

  • Hand-cut, double-profile hard-wood frames

  • Archival Pigment inks

  • Professional-grade finishing to frame and hanging attachments

  • Satin laminate on all prints to provide UV and handling protection

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IceMount Acrylic Print Details

First, your image is printed using archival quality inks on professional gloss photographic paper. Then it’s sandwich mounted using non-yellowing pH-neutral adhesive.  All our plexiglas is premium, photo-grade and guaranteed against discolouration, or UV-related fading for 30+ years.  All IceMounts are finished with in-house diamond polishing, buffing and a final hand polish!

Our ICEMount Sheers have no visible hanging attachments (with a choice of three hanging systems).


  • Glossy archival photographic papers

  • Premium 30+ year rated plexiglas that won’t fade or discolour

  • Diamond-polished and hand-buffed for the ultimate premium finish