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Challenged to feed a hungry social machine?  

Do you struggle to find the ‘right’ image for your posts?  

Do you wish you had a huge stash of amazing photos that look amazing in both traditional and non-traditional media?

‘100 Days of Insta’ is a fast-paced, portrait adventure.  

Designed to supercharge your social content.  We wander and explore the settings of your choice in search of the best possible light to create beautiful images in line with your style and brand.

This session is very different to our other portrait sessions, with less time spent fully refining, crafting and lighting everything to perfection. We don’t tend to spend much time on each shot, allowing us to move very quickly in order to create a vast array of different looks in lots of different spots.  Combined with a few clothing changes, ‘100 Days of Insta' delivers an incredibly diverse range of shots that often inspire topics for other content.

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How Does it Work?

‘100 Days of Insta’ is a 3+ hour session wherever you like.  We pick a spot (or a few spots) that have a diversity of looks and vibes and we go forth out into the day, searching for the best light, creating a completely unique series of images.

You will have a dedicated assistant as we move to carry your stuff, make sure you stay hydrated, keep an eye on wardrobe/ hair/ makeup details, prevent you from getting ‘hangry’, etc.

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What do you get?

This session delivers *at least* 100 final images.  Since you get so many final images (usually geared more toward social use) none of these images are retouched.  So if you’re concerned with visual perfection this session may not be for you.

But if you’re up for an adventure and want a library of images totally unique to you the will feed the social beast you’ve created then ‘100 Days of Insta’ might be what you’re looking for.

*** This session is only available to clients I have worked with before.***

The fast paced and unstructured nature of this session means that there is a lot less precise direction and attention to detail.

Once we have worked together you also understand the postural and expression shortcuts that really make shots pop.  

All the other sessions we offer include fully detailed instruction and allow far more crafting and control of the final outcome.